• Electrical Distributors in Egypt Supplying Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment in Egypt and Africa


Electric Hazard Solutions

Cable Joints
Cable Terminations
Earthing & Lightning Protection
Plugs & Sockets
Cable Crimping & Jointing Tools
Underground Cable Protection
Electrical Safety
Cable Fault Locators & Test Sets
Cable Tray, Ladder, Basket, Trough
Cable Glands
Cable Cleats, Cable Ties & Cable Clamps
Electrical Enclosures & Junction Boxes
Cable Transits
Cable Ducting & Duct Seals
Cable Pulling & Cable Laying
Arc Flash Clothing, Protection & PPE
Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment

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We encourage you to call us so we can discuss your application requirements with you. It is important to know GamAWorks Solutions are not just distributors for leading automation and Distributions systems .we understands our products extremely well and use them in design systems and build customers needs.

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