• Electrical Distributors in Egypt Supplying Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment in Egypt and Africa


Electric Hazard Solutions

Cable Joints
Cable Terminations
Earthing & Lightning Protection
Plugs & Sockets
Cable Crimping & Jointing Tools
Underground Cable Protection
Electrical Safety
Cable Fault Locators & Test Sets
Cable Tray, Ladder, Basket, Trough
Cable Glands
Cable Cleats, Cable Ties & Cable Clamps
Electrical Enclosures & Junction Boxes
Cable Transits
Cable Ducting & Duct Seals
Cable Pulling & Cable Laying
Arc Flash Clothing, Protection & PPE
Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment

GamAWorks providing you high Technology for your Applications:

All Machines and Productions update and Faults.
Electro Mechanical Construction Work.
Electro Mechanical engineering services.


Text Box: Assemble For Metal and EX Panels
Power Systems

EX Telephone System
Explosion proof pump system

Full Earthing System
HVAC Systems





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